Verifying Project ServerSTS Interoperability

Verifying Project Server/STS Interoperability

Before moving on to configuration, verify that Project Server is talking properly to STS. To do this, log onto Project Web Access for the first time as per the instructions that follow. Web Access sends two ActiveX downloads to the browser the first time you log on. Therefore, it’s important that you’re logged on with an account that has the right to install software. You should set your browser security to allow ActiveX downloads.

  1. Open a browser and type in the URL for your Project Server. Enter http://machinename/projectserver, where machinename is the name of your server.

  2. In the Project Web Access logon screen, type the username administrator and enter the password you provided during installation (see Figure 5-29). Click Go.

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    Figure 5-29. Project Web Access logon screen

  3. Accept the end-user licenses agreements as they’re presented. The system reports that it’s downloading controls, and you’re then logged on and the Project Web Access home page displays.

  4. Once the Project Web Access home page loads, click Documents on the main navigation menu across the top of the page.

  5. When the View and Upload Documents page for library selection displays, click the Public Documents link (see Figure 5-30).

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    Figure 5-30. View and upload documents for all projects.

  6. You’ll next see an alert box, as shown in Figure 5-31. This is displayed because you logged on using the Project Server administrator account, which isn’t a Windows logon. Because you’re already logged on the server as an administrator, you can ignore this warning and click OK.

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    Figure 5-31. You can ignore the alert box warning at this time.

  7. The View and Upload Documents page will display. Choose the Shared Documents library (see Figure 5-32).

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    Figure 5-32. Document library selection screen

  8. The Shared Documents library should now open, as shown in Figure 5-33. If you see an error message instead, refer to the next chapter for troubleshooting information. Otherwise, you’re ready to move on.

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    Figure 5-33. Document library page

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