We hope that once you are all done, you can create something like Figure 8-4.

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Figure 8-4: Bid page with picture

The only other things that need to be done to generate an auction site that looks like the one in the preceding figure is to modify the template code for generating the HTML.

To generate an image for an auction item, we have something like this in the template:

<img src="/books/2/889/1/html/2//cgi-bin/display_image.cgi?item_id=%%item_id%% height="100" width="100">

Because of how we handle the templating, the item_id will get filled in with the value of the item the user is looking for.

Working with BLOB data is not all that difficult. The most difficult aspect is getting the data into the database. To do that, we have to create a program to help us work with the data. Once we have the BLOB data in the database, getting it back is really just as easy as getting any other data.

Perl Database Programming
Perl Database Programming
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