List of Figures

Chapter 1: Database Basics

Figure 1-1: A table of names, addresses, and phone numbers
Figure 1-2: RESTRICT returns a subset of the rows.
Figure 1-3: PROJECT returns a subset of the columns.
Figure 1-4: JOIN returns a table made by combining the source tables.
Figure 1-5: An OUTER JOIN supplies NULL values for missing data.
Figure 1-6: UNION returns a table made by combining two similar tables.
Figure 1-7: A simple table
Figure 1-8: Table from Figure 1-7 with repeating groups removed
Figure 1-9: Repeated data placed in a separate table
Figure 1-10: Separate tables for address, city, and state

Chapter 3: Working with Database Tables

Figure 3-1: Table example
Figure 3-2: Table example with redundant data
Figure 3-3: Table example with two tables

Chapter 6: Web Database Programming

Figure 6-1: Poorly formatted HTML form
Figure 6-2: Table-formatted HTML form
Figure 6-3: Web phonebook screen
Figure 6-4: Create test HTML form
Figure 6-5: Add question form
Figure 6-6: Test Question page
Figure 6-7: Score Test page

Chapter 7: Fetching Data from the Database (Advanced)

Figure 7-1: index.cgi page
Figure 7-2: view_all.cgi page
Figure 7-3: view_item.cgi page

Chapter 8: Working with Binary (BLOB) Data

Figure 8-1: Auction program with logo image
Figure 8-2: Add new auction page
Figure 8-3: Add auction item form
Figure 8-4: Bid page with picture

Chapter 9: Session Management with Tied Hashes

Figure 9-1: Sign-up/Registration
Figure 9-2: Sign-up clicked
Figure 9-3: index.cgi page

Chapter 12: Creating a SOAP-Based Catalog

Figure 12-1: Output from catalog.cgi
Figure 12-2: Detailed product page

Chapter 13: Sending Automatic E-mail Reports

Figure 13-1: Output of template3.html

Chapter 14: Creating a Phonebook

Figure 14-1: Main program form
Figure 14-2: Person form
Figure 14-3: Phone form
Figure 14-4: Delete confirmation window

Chapter 15: Creating a Web-Based Shopping Cart

Figure 15-1: Catalog listing
Figure 15-2: Item details
Figure 15-3: Items in the shopping cart
Figure 15-4: Shopping cart with item removed
Figure 15-5: The invoice

Chapter 16: Creating a Web-Based Photo Album

Figure 16-1: index.cgi main album screen
Figure 16-2: index.cgi album thumbnail listing
Figure 16-3: index.cgi photo display
Figure 16-4: index.cgi photo display after the previous image has been clicked
Figure 16-5: admin.cgi admin album display
Figure 16-6: admin.cgi admin photo display

Appendix A: Configuring Your System

Figure A-1: ActivePerl install screen
Figure A-2: ActivePerl License Agreement screen
Figure A-3: ActivePerl Custom Setup screen
Figure A-4: New PPM Features screen
Figure A-5: ActivePerl Choose Setup Options screen
Figure A-6: ActivePerl Ready to Install screen
Figure A-7: ActivePerl SetUp screen
Figure A-8: Apache Installation Wizard
Figure A-9: Apache License Agreement
Figure A-10: Apache Installation “Read This First”
Figure A-11: Apache Server Information screen
Figure A-12: Apache Setup Type screen
Figure A-13: Apache Installation Destination Folder screen
Figure A-14: MySQL Installation Welcome screen
Figure A-15: MySQL Installation Information screen
Figure A-16: MySQL Setup Type screen
Figure A-17: MySQL Setup Complete screen
Figure A-18: MySQL command line
Figure A-19: MyODBC Installation screen
Figure A-20: MyODBC Installation screen
Figure A-21: MyODBC Data Sources screen
Figure A-22: MyODBC Data Source Setup screen
Figure A-23: MyODBC Successful Setup screen

Perl Database Programming
Perl Database Programming
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