Appendix B: About the CD-ROM

CD Content

The companion CD-ROM contains the code for the major applications described in the text.


The code is contained folders for each chapter that contains code. The major projects are noted in parentheses.

chapter1code (sample asp and php)

chapter2code (HTML basics)

chapter3code (rollover, slide show)

chapter4code (state capital quiz)

chapter9code (favorite shows)

chapter10code (favorite shows)

chapter11code (regular expression, LIKE)

chapter12code (files)

chapter13code (cookies)

chapter14code (shopping cart)

chapter15code (quiz show)

chapter16code (user validation)

The CD-ROM also contains a folder named figures that contains folders for each of the chapters containing figures:
















When required, the chapters also contain image files (heart.gif, frog.gif, crane.gif, and bird.gif), the scores.txt file, and Access databases. You will need to follow the instructions in the text to upload the Access databases and to create the MySql databases.Overall System Requirements

The PHP and ASP files can be created using any ASCII/TEXT editor, such as NotePad on any Windows system. To create an Access database, you need Microsoft Access. The files must be run on a computer that has a Web server such as IIS. Appendix A shows you how to set up IIS, MySql and PHP on a Windows XP Professional system. The files have been tested in the following three environments:

  • A remote server running Windows NT, Apache, MySQL, and PHP

  • A local computer running Windows 98, Personal Web Server, MySQL, and PHP

  • A local computer running Windows XP Professional, IIS, MySQL, and PHP (see Appendix A, “Running ASP and PHP Scripts on Your Own Computer,” for instructions on how to install the software on XP Professional)

You can use any browser to access the files; for example, Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Opera.

Creating Database Web Applications with PHP and ASP
Creating Database Web Applications with PHP and ASP (Charles River Media Internet & Web Design)
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