Project 8. Styling a Weblog

Quiet few days…well not really, but I'm not telling you lot. Which is obviously the point of a weblog.


For whatever reason, personal, Web-based journals have come to be called weblogs (at least by most people). Weblogs are kind of an interesting layout microcosm, when you think about it. Each entry in the weblog usually contains a title, the date the entry was posted, some content, and then some extra information such as the entry's category, a link to any comments, and so on.

From a layout point of view, each entry needs to be considered as if it were a mini-document within the larger page. Every entry should be styled the same as other entries while still relating visually to each other in an appealing way. It wouldn't be good if the entries overlapped each other, for example. In this project, we'll take a look at a weblog based on clean, structural markup and explore ways to style the entries.

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More Eric Meyer on CSS (Voices That Matter)
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