Project Goals

Thanks to some outstanding efforts from the sales team, we've landed a contract to design a site for a new publishing house called "New Writers." Shaking off an inexplicable feeling of dèjá vu, we consider the goals for this phase of the project.

  • We need a template showing how the persistent navigation elements will look. This template will use some basic styles that have already been worked out, particularly for the page title.

  • The navigation will be contained in an unordered list, but it needs to be presented as a horizontal row of buttons or tabs situated between the page title and the main content.

  • The buttons/tabs need to be visually attractive. The client has seen plenty of CSS-driven buttons that end up as plain rectangles with a background color, and he wants something better for this site.

  • Whatever look we devise for the buttons/tabs, they need to be easy to update or change in case the site's design changes.

So we need to concentrate on turning the navigation elements into something pretty. This isn't the entire contract, of course; a full site design takes a lot more work than that. For the purposes of this project, though, it's enough to concentrate on creating a basic template for styling the navigation elements.

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