Project Goals

After doing a great deal of work on various client projects, it seems like a good time to take a breather and work on a personal project. To that end, we'll work on enhancing the presentation of the sidebar links in a personal journal. Let's define some basic design directions and see where they take us.

  • We'll be starting with a page that already has some styles, so the menu's styles need to fit in with the presentation that already exists.

  • The links in the menu should be visually separated from one another; that is, we don't want a list of links with no separators or other visual effects.

  • We should come up with a design that makes the menu feel open and airy so that the links seem to be a part of the other content in the design.

  • We should come up with another design that encloses the links in a box or some other visual device that obviously separates them from the main content.

With these goals in mind, it's time to get set up and start styling!

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