7.9 Inductive-analysis strategy

7.9 Inductive-analysis strategy

7.9.1 Inductive-analysis assumptions

Induction is “the process of deriving general principles from particular facts or instances,” according to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

The inductive-analysis strategy makes the following assumptions:

  • There exists a set of facts or observations that need to be explained.

  • There exists a method for evaluating the quality of hypotheses generated.

  • The default hypothesis-evaluation method is to judge simplicity.

7.9.2 Inductive-analysis control structure

The next code sample shows the control structure for the inductive-analysis strategy.

 Do while no hypothesis explains all facts      Generate a hypothesis      Ensure that the hypothesis is compatible with other         knowledge      Ensure that the hypothesis explains as much as         possible      Count the facts accounted for      Compare hypotheses, ensuring that this is a better          explanation than its alternatives      If the best hypothesis explains all the facts,      Then          Terminate search successfully      End-if  End-do  Last hypothesis evaluated explains the cause of the bug 

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