Viewing All Tool Presets at Once

By default, the Tool Presets picker on the options bar lists only the presets for the tool selected in the Tools palette. If you'd rather see all presets for all tools, disable the Current Tool Only checkbox at the bottom of the Tool Presets list (Figure 4.21). Showing presets for all tools can be useful if you want to change to a different tool and preset with just one click; otherwise you have to have the right tool selected before you can pick the preset you want. On the other hand, if you have a long list of presets, you might be able to find a preset more quickly if you narrow down the list by enabling Current Tool Only.

Figure 4.21. Disable the Current Tool Only checkbox to list tool presets for all tools.

If you become a total preset junkie, you can display the Tool Presets lists as a palette (Figure 4.22). Click the Tool Presets tab in the palette well or choose Windows > Tool Presets. In the Tool Presets palette, tool presets are always visible and you can position the palette anywhere on the screenno need to go to the options bar. If you always want to use tools with specific presets, you could conceivably go as far as using the Tool Presets list as your primary way of switching tools, even hiding the Tools palette if you don't really use it.

Figure 4.22. The Tool Presets list viewed in the palette well (left), and then dragged out of the palette well to become the Tool Presets palette (right).

Save your frequently used type specifications as tool presets for the type tools. Photoshop doesn't have paragraph or character styles, so you can use tool presets to store combinations options bar settings such as font, type size, and paragraph alignment.

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