Jumping Between Photoshop and ImageReady

If you often correct images in Photoshop before sending them to ImageReady to more thoroughly prepare the images for the Web, you can save a lot of time by using the direct links between Photoshop and ImageReady.

Photoshop gives you two quick ways to move a document between Photoshop and ImageReady. The fastest way is to click the Edit in ImageReady button at the bottom of the Tools palette in Photoshop (Figure 22.1). Going the other way, you'll find the same button in the same location on the Tools palette in ImageReady, which you can click to send the image back to Photoshop.

Figure 22.1. Click the Edit in ImageReady button at the bottom of the Tools palette to open the frontmost document in ImageReady.

If you prefer to choose a command, you'll find both by choosing File > Edit in ImageReady when you're in Photoshop, or File > Edit in Photoshop when you're in ImageReady. Of course, the command has a keyboard shortcutShift+Command+M/Shift+Ctrl+M.

When a Photoshop document is open in ImageReady, you can't edit it in Photoshop until you bring it back. The filename of the document appears on the Window menu under an ImageReady label, and if you choose it you do bring the document back to Photoshop.

Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
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