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h format code (date() function) 
H format code (date() function) 
hard drives
    MySQL optimization tips 
hardware load balancer (performance) 
hash sign (#) 
have dbd variable 
have innodb variable 
header() function 
    cookies, setting 
    raw headers  2nd 
    From  2nd 
    Host header
        name-based virtual hosting 
    Host[colon] (name-based virual hosting) 
    HTTP headers
        caching (performance) 
        forms  2nd 
    request headers
        name-based virtual hosting (syntax)  2nd 
    for PHP installation  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
HEX() function  2nd  3rd 
HH-MM-SS time format 
hidden fields
    forms  2nd  3rd 
Host header
    name-based virtual hosting 
host table 
Host[colon] header (name-based virtual hosting) 
hosting.  [See virutal hosting]
    network setting (scalability) 
HostNameLookups directive 
    conditional logging 
    resolving (managing logs)  2nd 
HOUR() function  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th 
htaccess [period before]
    per-directory configuration files 
htdocs subdirectory 
    calendar example  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    PHP combination  2nd  3rd  4th 
HTML documents
    spaces, viewing 
HTML editors 
HTML forms
    PHP combination 
    user input
        accessing from multiple SELECT elements  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
        receiving  2nd  3rd  4th 
HTML/PHP combination forms  2nd 
    hidden fields  2nd  3rd 
    HTML form, calling itself  2nd 
    PHP number guessing script  2nd 
    raw headers  2nd 
    server headers 
    users, redirecting  2nd 
htpasswd utility
    user password files
htpasswd.exe utility
    user password files
        caching (performance) 
        access (limiting)  2nd 
    secure HTTP 
HTTP requests
    conditional logging  2nd 
        files  2nd 
        programs  2nd 
HTTP requets
    logging  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th 
    server binary command (Unix) 
    configuration file 
httpd.conf configuration file  2nd 
httpd.conf files
hyphen (-)
    subtraction operator (-) 

Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache in 24 Hours
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