Chapter 4. Additional Plone Elements



  • Using the CMF Collective

  • Working with CMFBoard

  • Working with CMFMessage and CMFUserTrackTool

  • Working with CMFPhoto and CMFPhotoAlbum

  • Working with SimpleBlog

  • Working with Wikis

  • Troubleshooting

In the previous chapter, you navigated through the default Plone installation and became familiar with all of the content types that can be used and the actions that a user can perform. This chapter shows you how to take advantage of the freely available add-on products created by Zope and Plone developers around the world. For the majority of this chapter, you will be using the Plone manager account because a greater level of permissions is required to add elements to your Plone installation. However, the functionality of these elements is demonstrated for the member user as well.

Plone Content Management Essentials
Plone Content Management Essentials
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