In this chapter, we took a high-level view of each of the major architectural components and concepts of the .NET Remoting infrastructure. Out of the box, .NET Remoting supports distributed object communications over the TCP and HTTP transports by using binary or SOAP representation of the data stream. Furthermore, .NET Remoting offers a highly extensible framework for building distributed applications. At almost every point in the processing of a remote method call, the architecture allows you to plug in customized components. Chapters 5 through 8 will show you how to exploit this extensibility in your .NET Remoting applications.

Now that we ve discussed the .NET Remoting architecture, we can proceed to the subject of Chapter 3: using .NET Remoting to build distributed applications.

Microsoft. NET Remoting
Microsoft .NET Remoting (Pro-Developer)
ISBN: 0735617783
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Year: 2005
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