Section 66. iPod Enhancements

66. iPod Enhancements

iTunes (, free) organizes music, videos, and podcasts; it fetches album art automatically and shuttles files to your iPodbut for Mac users, that's just the beginning. With Podworks, (, $8.00) you can back up your valuable song collection by dragging and dropping tracks from an iPod to a Mac.

Don't like one huge library for all your media files? Manage multiple libraries within iTunes with MultiTunes (, $15.99).

iPresentIt ( turns your video-enabled iPod into a presentation powerhouse. Only the Mac version supports exports of Keynote presentations to iPhoto slideshows and preserves those fancy "builds" that reveal the bullet points on your slide one-by-one.

In the mood for a movie? Send any video to the iPod with VisualHub (, $23.32), a universal video converter you can use even if you don't know a codec from a frame rate.

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