Section 62. FTP

62. FTP

FTP (file transfer protocol) software enables file management over the Internet. Mac-based FTP utilities have all the power of their PC counterpartsbut deliver that functionality with greater ease of use and a generous helping of style.

Fetch (, $25.00) duplicates the look and feel of the Finder file manager and makes local and remote file management as intuitive as possible. Intimidated by technobabble? You'll love Fetch's plain-English controls (think big buttons labeled Get and Put).

Transmit (, $29.95, as shown in Figure 24) supports remote file editing in any application, transmits files dragged to the Dock, and transfers files directly from one remote server to the other.

Figure 24. Transmit organizes files using a simple "your stuff, their stuff" scheme, making FTP more straightforward than ever.

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