Section 32. iPods

32. iPods

The newest iPod Shuffle, about the size of a large coin, weighs less than a half ounce, carries 240 songs, plays for 12 hours on one charge, and costs just $79.00. The iPod Nano (seen in Figure 11), about the size of a stick of gum, carries 2,400 songs, plays for 24 hours, and starts at $149.00. And the iPod itself, now able to store 20,000 songs or six hours of video, plays for more than six hours and costs as little as $249.00.

Figure 11. iPods (like the iPod Nano, seen here) have enticed many PC users to switch to Macs. (Image courtesy of Apple.)

When people pick up an iPod, they begin to understand, often for the very first time, that personal technology can be a source of joy. If you love your iPod, your best reason to switch may already be right there in the palm of your hand.

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