Section 28. The MacBook

28. The MacBook

Apple's latest ultraportable laptop (shown in Figure 7) is the MacBook. At 13 inches wide and 1 inch thick, it weighs a little over five pounds. Feature-wise, though, it's a heavyweight champion, with an Intel Core Duo processor, a glossy wide-screen display, and a built-in iSight camera. Even the MagSafe power supply is remarkable, with a connector that attaches snugly to the side of the MacBook by means of a magnetic sealbut that also detaches easily, so your Mac doesn't get yanked off the desk when some buffoon trips over the cord.

Figure 7. The MacBook offers considerable power in a stylish, portable, and affordable package. (Image courtesy of Apple.)

Like all the other new Macs, it also does Windows. Starting at $1099, it's a highly portable, affordable machine that doesn't skimp on power and functionality. If you value performance and portability, the MacBook is worth switching for.

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