SyncML Overview


Incorporating persistent data storage into your mobile applications will give users fast, reliable access to their data without having to be concerned with wireless connectivity. There are many forms of databases on the market: flat-file, relational, object, and XML databases. In the mobile database market, most of the freely available databases are flat-file, while the databases available commercially are typically relational. These databases possess key features that make them well suited for mobile application development.

If you decide to incorporate a database into your mobile applications, you have three main ways to accomplish this: using an operating system-specific database, developing your own database in-house, or purchasing a commercial solution. Which option is best for you depends on the application you are looking to deploy.

In Chapter 10 we will complete our look at smart client application development by examining enterprise integration using data synchronization.

Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials
Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials
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