Section 2.3. Projects and Katas

2.3. Projects and Katas

Now it's over to you. Here are some suggestions for projects you can work on. You might like to approach these as "Katas" (, short exercises that you can keep returning to. Alternatively, add all the bells and whistles and make them full-blown projects. Check for the latest list, and please add links to any of your online efforts.

Two-Person chat

Allow two people to chat in real-time via the browser.

Filesystem navigator

Navigate a server-side filesystem. Bonus points for sanely displaying file contents.

Search portlet

Build a portlet to access your favorite web service, using a Cross-Domain Proxy (Chapter 10) pattern or an On-Demand JavaScript (Chapter 6) pattern if the web service happens to offer a compatible service (such as Yahoo's JSON API). Results should be displayed inside the portlet, without any page refresh.

Drag-And-Drop cart

Create a shopping cart that allows items to be dragged in and out and uploads details to the server. Note that several libraries support drag-and-drop.

Am I Ajax Or Not

Create a clone of Show two random images (or even just random numbers), let the user click on their favorite, and ensure the server records their choice. For bonus points, show scores in the browser; e.g., offer a popup showing the number of "wins" for the two items being displayed.

Whack-A-Mole game

"Moles" appear at random places on the page and the user must quickly eradicate them by clicking on them. Provide a timer and report the user's score.

Image slideshow

Present a sequence of images using Ajax for navigation. You might also include some visual effects.

Web Site Tuning bookmarklet

Build a bookmarklet that allows the user to tweak the page's style settings; pop up a dialog with fields such as background color and font size.Bookmarklets ( aren't regular Ajax applications, but they are still a great way to play with Ajax technologies.

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