Section D.5. alarmreceiver.conf

D.5. alarmreceiver.conf

The AlarmReceiver( ) application is not approved by Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) and should not be used as the primary or sole means of receiving alarm messages or events. This application is not guaranteed to be reliable, so don't depend on it unless you have extensively tested it. Use of this application without extensive testing may place your life and/or property at risk.

The alarmreceiver.conf file is used by the AlarmReceiver( ) application, which allows Asterisk to accept alarms using the SIA (Ademco) Contact ID protocol. When a call is received from an alarm panel, it should be directed to a context that calls the AlarmReceiver( ) application. In turn , AlarmReceiver( ) will read the alarmreceiver.conf configuration file and perform the configured actions as required. All parameters are specified under the [general] heading.

The sample configuration file will contain the current settings for this application and is very well documented.

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