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In this final chapter, you learned a variety of caching techniques available to you when developing ASP.NET solutions. First, we briefly explored what caching is. We followed that by introducing page output caching, using both the HttpCachePolicy class and its high-level wrapper, the @OutputCache directive to cache entire pages. Next, we presented you with fragment caching, which enables you to cache parts of pages by using user controls. We then introduced data caching, which you can use to cache objects for application-wide object sharing using the Cache class. Finally, we covered caching in Web services by implementing output caching in the GetProducts Web method and data caching using the GetString Web method. Specifically, the chapter presented the following:

  • What is caching?

  • Using page output caching

  • Using fragment caching

  • Using the Cache APIs

  • Implementing caching in Web services

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Programming Data-Driven Web Applications with ASP. NET
Programming Data-Driven Web Applications with ASP.NET
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