PathFigureHierarchy: Freezable Animatable

     <PathFigure         IsFilled="true|false">         <PathFigure.Segments>             <PathSegmentCollection />         </PathFigure.Segments>     </PathFigure> 

<PathFigure.../> represents a single interconnected series of 2-D figures. Example 9-2 shows a PathFigure that combines multiple segments to form the 2-D figure in Figure 9-9. The starting point of each segment element is the last point of the previous segment.


IsFilled (optional)

This Boolean determines whether the region contained by the PathFigure should be used for rendering, hit-testing, and clipping.


The region will be used.


The region will not be used; only the outline of the PathFigure will be considered.

Segments (required)

This attribute describes a PathSegmentCollection.

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