Vector3DVector3D is a structure and has no hierarchy.

         <Vector3D             X="5"             Y="5"             Z="5" /> 

<Vector3D .../> represents a displacement in 3-D space. It describes the movement of all three coordinates of a 3-D point along the x-, y-, and z-axes. If a three-dimensional line has start point (0,0,0) and end point (5,5,5), then the Vector describing the line segment is (5,5,5)essentially, the difference between the start and end points. Vector3D is a transformation mechanism; specifically, it is used to transform lines within a 3-D space.


X (required)

This Double value represents the x-component of the Vector3D.

Y (required)

This Double value represents the y-component of the Vector3D.

Z (required)

This Double value represents the z-component of the Vector3D.

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