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read-only properties, split accessibility and
ReadAllBytes( ) method, FileIO object
ReadAllText( ) method, FileIO object
ReadKey( ) method, Console class
ReadyState property, WebBrowser control
recycle bin, sending files or directories to
red error icon, indicating Option Strict error
redraw speed, increasing
refactoring features
reference objects, nullable
RemoveUserFromRole( ) method, Roles class
RenameDirectory( ) method, FileSystem object
RenameFile( ) method, FileSystem object
ResetColor( ) method, Console class
ResetStatistics( ) method, SqlConnection class
resources (data)
     strongly typed
resources (further information) [See also books; Web sites]
     discussion groups
RetrieveStatistics( ) method, SqlConnection class
right angle bracket (\\>), convert characters to uppercase
role-management service
Roles class
RootDirectory property, DriveInfo class
RowUpdated event, SqlDataAdapter class
RowUpdating event, SqlDataAdapter class
run-edit-continue debugger
RunWorkerAsync( ) method, BackgroundWorker component
RunWorkerCompleted event, BackgroundWorker component

Visual Basic 2005(c) A Developer's Notebook
Visual Basic 2005: A Developers Notebook
ISBN: 0596007264
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 123

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