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The publications listed in this section are considered particularly suitable for a more detailed discussion of the topics covered in this redbook.

IBM Redbooks

For information on ordering these publications, see "How to get IBM Redbooks" on page 434. Note that some of the documents referenced here may be available in softcopy only.

Collaboration-specific redbooks

  • WebSphere Portal 4.12 Collaboration Services, REDP0319 - A good overview of the collaborative capabilties provided out of the box with portal

  • Patterns: Custom Designs for Domino & WebSphere Integration, SG24-6903-00 - A good overview of best practice integrations of Websphere and Domino.

  • Working with the Lotus Instant Messaging Community Server Toolkit, SG24-6667-00 - The introductory chapters have a good overview of the Lotus Instant Messaging server architecture.

  • Portalizing Domino Applications (coming soon) - Will cover in depth moving Domino apps to Portal. First 1–2 chapters will provide a good architectural overview of the various approaches to making such a "migration".

General portal redbooks

  • A Portal Composite Pattern Using WebSphere V4.1, SG24-6869-00 - Provides a good understanding of the business requirements solved by a portal via patterns.

  • IBM WebSphere Portal V4.1 Handbook Volume 1, SG24-6883-00 - The first several chapters provide a basic architectural overview of portal.

  • IBM WebSphere Portal V4 Developer's Handbook, SG24-6897-00 - The first several chapters provide a basic architectural overview of portal.

  • WebSphere Commerce Portal V5.4 Solutions Guide, Integrating WebSphere Commerce V5.4, Business Edition and WebSphere Portal V4.2, SG24-6890-00 - Good example of B2C portal solutions.

  • Edgeable Portal Industry Solution, ZG24-6723-00 - A good example of a real world WebSphere Portal Server V4 based solution. Available internally only.

Redbook Hints & Tips

  • "How to Portalize Your Existing Web Applications," TIPS0028

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