About the Creative Team

Emily Moore (editor) Emily Moore has authored or edited fourteen books to date (including this fine tome). She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and daughter. Email: eamoore_mm@comcast.net.

Sarah Milstein (editor) is O'Reilly's senior editor for Missing Manuals and co-author of Google: The Missing Manual. She's thrilled to have learned the Excel status bar trick described on Section 3.2. Email: milstein@oreilly.com.

Peter Meyers (editor, original edition) is pleased to report that, now that he understands Excel's Lognormdist function, he'll never actually have to use it. At O'Reilly Media, he works as an editor on the Missing Manual series. Peter lives with his wife and cat in New York City. Email: peter.meyers@gmail.com.

Michele Filshie (copy editor) is O'Reilly's assistant editor for Missing Manuals and editor of four Personal Trainers (another O'Reilly series). Before turning to the world of computer-related books, Michele was all literature, all the time, and spent many happy years at Black Sparrow Press. Email: mfilshie@oreilly.com.

Michael Schmalz (tech editor, previous edition) thinks Excel is the coolest thing since the Color Computer III. He's the author of Integrating Excel and Access (O'Reilly) and has tech-reviewed several books for O'Reilly. Email: mschmalz@infoadvising.com.

Rose Cassano (cover illustration) has worked as an independent designer and illustrator for 20 years. Assignments have ranged from the nonprofit sector to corporate clientele. She lives in beautiful Southern Oregon, grateful for the miracles of modern technology that make working there a reality. Email: cassano@highstream.net. Web: www.rosecassano.com.

Excel for Starters. The Missing Manual
Excel 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual
ISBN: 0596528329
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 85

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