Chapter 1. Using Your BlackBerry

    Section 1.1.  Hacks 1 21: Introduction

    Hack 1.  Choose a Data Plan

    Hack 2.  Cut and Paste Text

    Hack 3.  Take the Easy Way Out with Shortcuts

    Hack 4.  Sync Your Calendar over the Air

    Hack 5.  Organize the Icons on the Home Screen

    Hack 6.  Run Programs in the Background

    Hack 7.  Type Less Using AutoText

    Hack 8.  View the Event Log

    Hack 9.  Use Your BlackBerry as a Modem

    Hack 10.  Maximize Your Battery Life

    Hack 11.  Optimize Your BlackBerry Browser

    Hack 12.  Maximize Your Free Memory

    Hack 13.  Get Things Done with the BlackBerry

    Hack 14.  Create Your Own Polyphonic Ringtones

    Hack 15.  Store a Photo Collection on Your Device

    Hack 16.  Turn Your Computer into a Speakerphone

    Hack 17.  Display Signal Strength as a Number

    Hack 18.  Dial Like a Pro

    Hack 19.  Put Notes in the Call Log

    Hack 20.  Upgrade Your Handheld Software

    Hack 21.  Type on a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

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Blackberry Hacks: Tips & Tools for Your Mobile Office
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