Chapter 17: Building Real-World Web Applications

Chapter 14 discussed the basics of ASP.NET and how to write data-driven Web applications using ASP.NET and ADO.NET. Chapter 16 discussed data binding in ASP.NET and ASP.NET server controls and how to use these controls to develop data-bound Web applications.

In this chapter, we'll use the functionality discussed in Chapter 14 and 16. In this chapter, you'll see how you can write a real-world online job board where candidates can post their resumes, recruiters can post their jobs, recruiters can browse the available resumes, and job hunters can browse and apply for the available jobs on the site.

Introducing the Job Board Application Specifications

The Online Job Board is an ASP.NET application that allows users to post their resumes. Interface-wise, the application has three main modules: login, resumes, and jobs. The login module is a simple page that allows users to log in to the site. The resumes module allows users to post their resumes and view all the available resumes in the database. The jobs module allows users to post their jobs on the site and view all the available jobs in the database.

Figure 17-1 describes the application architecture. As you can see from Figure 17-1, the first page the user goes to is the login page. From there, the user either can log in to the site or can register if they aren't already a registered user. Once user is logged in, there are four options: Post Jobs, Post Resumes, View Jobs, and View Resumes.

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Figure 17-1: The Online Job Board application architecture

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