The Group Parameter Knobs

Certain parameters can be set for an entire group of selected samples. These are the group parameter knobs located beneath the sample map on the right (Figure 6.105).

Figure 6.105. The group parameter knobs let you change settings for many samples at once.

We'll use these to set up a velocity crossfade between the two sample groups that we created in the preceding section.

To set up a crossfade between groups


With your French Horn Section patch from the preceding exercise loaded in your NN-XT, select the first group (MF) using the G column (we'll call this Group A).


Set the Hi Vel knob to 80 (Figure 6.106). Group A samples will now look striped and will play at softer velocities.

Figure 6.106. Striped samples have altered velocity zones.


Set the Fade Out knob to 64. Group A samples will now begin to fade out at a velocity of 64 and will completely fade out by 80.


Select the second group (FF) using the G column (we'll call this Group B).


Set the Lo Vel knob to 64.


Set the Fade In knob to 64.

Group B samples (FF) will start to fade in at the same velocity at which Group A samples start to fade out.


Test with soft and hard attacks to make sure the crossfade sounds the way you want it.


Tune the crossfade by shortening or lengthening the velocity overlap between groups. You may also want to adjust group volume using the Amp Envelope/Level knob.

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