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By Joe Lyford
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: May 17, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-26917-9
Pages: 408

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    Chapter 1.  Introduction
      What's in the box?
      Who Is This Book For?
      What Does Reason Do?
      Using Reason with Other Programs
      Recording "Outside" Sound
      What's New in 3.0
      Digital Audio Basics
    Chapter 2.  Installation
      Before You Start
      Audio Hardware
      Setting Up MIDI
      Installing Reason
      Changing Preferences
      Setting Up Control Surfaces
    Chapter 3.  Reason Overview
      Getting Around in Reason
      The Reason Work Process
      Switching Windows
      The Sequencer Edit Mode
      Introducing Controllers
      The Back of the Rack
      Understanding Control Voltage (CV)
      Getting Rid of the Demo Song
    Chapter 4.  Getting Started
      Starting Your First Song from Scratch
      The Reason 14:2 Mixer
      The Redrum Machine
      Loading Samples
      Getting the Redrum to Play
      Making a Beat Loop
      Writing a Drum Track
      Mixing the Drums
      Changing Drum Sounds
      Copying and Moving Notes
      Moving Beyond the Loop
      Editing Timing in Reason
      Using an External MIDI Input Device
      Custom Quantization: User Groove
      Saving Your Work
    Chapter 5.  Building a Song
      Adding a SubTractor
      Synth Basics
      Phase Modulation
      The Noise Generator
      Keyboard Tracking
      Adding Frequency Modulation
      Using Filters
      Adding a Second Filter
      Using Envelopes
      Low-Frequency Modulation
      The Modulation Envelope
      Using the Velocity Section
      Other Play Parameters
      Putting It All Together
      Adding a Malström
      Changing Malström Waveforms
      Creating a Pad
      Making a Slow Pad with the Malström
      Routing Signals in the Malström
      The Malström Filters
      Malström Play Parameters
      The Malström Outputs
      The Malström Audio Inputs
    Chapter 6.  Working With Samplers
      Creating an NN-19 Sampler
      Writing Your First Sampler Track
      Writing Multiple Parts
      Creating Your Own Instruments
      Multisampled Instruments
      Creating Multisampled Instruments
      Mapping Multiple Key Zones
      Using Unpitched Instruments
      Mapping Unpitched Samples
      Writing an Unpitched Track
      Using the NN-19 Controls
      Controller Automation
      The NN-XT Advanced Sampler
      NN-XT Patch Anatomy
      Creating an NN-XT Instrument
      Layering Samples
      Setting Up Groups
      The Group Parameter Knobs
      Copying Samples Between Two NN-XTs
      Modifying NN-XT Parameters
      Advanced Maps: Reverse Drums
      The Dr. Rex Loop Player
      Dr. Rex Dance Guitar
      Bouncing a Loop
      Modulating a Bounced Loop
      Rearranging Slices in Your Sequencer
      Slice Files and the NN-XT
    Chapter 7.  Patterning
      The Redrum Pattern Sequencer
      The Pattern Bank
      The Matrix Pattern Sequencer
    Chapter 8.  Effects
      Adding Echo
      Adding Reverberation
      Creating a Master Effect
      Exploring Reverb Types
      Adding Distortion
      The Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit
      Using the Other Scream 4 Controls
      Phase Effects
      The CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
      The PH-90 Phaser
      The UN-16 Unison
      EQ Effects
      The PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
      The BV512 Vocoder
    Chapter 9.  Cabling Setups
      Introducing the Combinator
      Creating Multi-Instruments
      Using Gated Reverb
      Chaining Effects
    Chapter 10.  Arranging and Mixing
      Grouping Sections
      Editing Groups
      Chaining Mixers in Parallel
      Submixing with a Combinator
      Setting Signal Levels
      Automating a Mix
      Rack Remixing with the Combinator
      Exporting Audio
      Importing Audio
    Chapter 11.  Mastering
      Before You Start Mastering
      Adding an MClass Mastering Suite
      Using the MClass Equalizer
      Using the MClass Stereo Imager
      Usine the MClass Compressor
      Using the MClass Maximizer
      Creating a Multiband Compressor
      Using Sidechains
      Outputting Your Song
    Appendix A.  Rewire, Recycle!, Rebirth
    Appendix B.  Resources
      Information sites
      Reason forums
      Samples and ReFills
      Creating Your Own ReFills

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