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R (release) faders
     NN-XT 2nd
         amp envelope 2nd
         mod envelope
     back panel view 2nd
         new features
     deleting Demo Song
     instrument track list
         audio channels indicators
         channel fader control for volume
     songs, creating new
     switching with Sequencer
ramp mode gates, Redrum drum channels 2nd
ratio, compression 2nd
Reason 3.0
     converting Akai-format sample CDs with Reload
         6:2 Line Mixer
         MClass Mastering Suite
         redesigned browser
    hardware interface
         folding/unfolding devices
    installation requirements
         audio hardware 2nd
         Macintosh and Windows systems
         MIDI setup
         Reason setup wizard 2nd 3rd
         sound banks 2nd
     launching 2nd
     multi-track recording
     overview of features
     package contents
     process summary 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     ReWire, programs compatible with ReWire
     styles of music
    Web sites
         for information
         for samples
ReBirth (Propellerhead Software)
ReCycle! (Propellerhead Software) 2nd
Redrum drum channels
     articulation with Length and Mode controls 2nd
         ramp mode gates 2nd
         square mode gates 2nd
    mixing drums
     tone controls
Redrum Drum Computer
     back and front panels
     creating 2nd
     master control panel
         changing samples and patches
    samples from Factory Sound Bank
         creating custom drum sets 2nd
         loading 2nd
     samples, loading 2nd
Redrum patches (.drp files) 2nd
Redrum pattern sequencer
         annotating pattern switching 2nd
         deleting all pattern information
         dumping to Sequencer tracks
         increasing length
         with multiple Redrums in live performance
     Steps counter
    writing patterns
         with Flam amount control
         with increased resolution 2nd
         with pattern bank
     creating 2nd
     installing ReFill Packer 2nd
     outputting songs
     ReFill folders 2nd
     Web site
release time, compression 2nd
Reload 2nd
Remote Editor, NN-XT
resonance tone controls, SubTractor 2nd 3rd 4th
Retrigger mode, SubTractor 2nd
reverberation effects
     Arena algorithm 2nd
    Combinator gated reverbs
         audio-triggered gates 2nd
         MIDI/CV triggered gates 2nd
         setting up reverbs for drum channels
         tightening reverbs before gating
     POO (point of origin)
     RV-7 Digital Reverb 2nd 3rd
         Gated algorithm
         Gated Room
         Hall algorithm 2nd
         Hall2 algorithm
         Large Hall algorithm
         Large Room algorithm
         Low Density algorithm
         master effect
         Medium Room algorithm
         on multiple instruments
         Pan Room algorithm
         Room algorithm
         Small Room algorithm
         Small Space algorithm 2nd
         Stereo Echoes algorithm
     RV7000 Advanced Reverb 2nd
         Arena algorithm
         diffusion interaction
         Multi Tap algorithm
         Plate algorithm 2nd
         Reverse algorithm 2nd 3rd 4th
         Spring algorithm 2nd 3rd
reverse drum kit 2nd
     End know
     programs compatible with ReWire
REX slices, loop player format
ring modulation
root keys, NN-XT 2nd
routing signals, Malström
     adding shapers to Osc A
     Shaper section

Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
ISBN: 321269179
Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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