When you feel your arrangement is solid, the next step is to add Sequencer tracks to control your Mixers.

The goal of mixing may seem simple enough: Make your music sound as good as possible in the maximum number of playback situations. But mixing is far from simple, and there is no rulebook for certain success.

Balancing equalization, volume, panning position, and the amount and type of effects for one track can be a juggling act in itself, but shaping these elements so that a multi-track project forms a cohesive whole is an art that requires great ears, skill, experience, and intuition.

Though this chapter won't make you an expert mixer, it will give you some technical and organizational methods to start you on your way.

Keep in Mind While Mixing

  • Listen carefully and critically.

  • Know the quirks of your studio and address them if necessary.

  • Try to realistically assess the potential and weakness of the material.

  • Stay organized to manage many tracks.

  • Keep maximum control with the fewest faders.

  • Be inquisitive so you can identify problems and ask the right questions.

  • Be flexible and imaginative when solving problems.

  • Have patience! Leave plenty of time for your mixing.

  • Be thorough. Test your mix on many different playback systems and be prepared to make changes.

Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
ISBN: 321269179
Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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