The CF-101 ChorusFlanger

The CF-101 Chorus/Flanger

The CF-101 delays a sound copy before mixing it back with the original, and can also pitch-modulate the delay using an LFO.

This double method of phasing is probably the most effective for sounds that don't have lots of harmonic content, such as electronic keyboards, clean guitars, or drums.

To use the CF-101 Chorus/Flanger as an insert effect


Select an instrument in your Rack and choose Create > CF-101 Chorus/Flanger to insert a CF-101 (Figure 8.59).

Figure 8.59. The CF-101 Chorus/Flanger delays a sound copy before mixing it back with the original.


Check to make sure Send mode is disabled on the CF-101.

Send mode is only for master effects it does not output the original sound, only the processed copy.


To focus on the timing, first turn the Mod Amount knob all the way to the left (off) to disable the LFO (Figure 8.60).

Figure 8.60. Disable the CF-101 LFO.


With your track playing, use the Delay knob to lengthen (right) or shorten (left) the timing phase used for the effect.


Turn the Feedback knob to the right to increase the phasing.

The Feedback control magnifies the timing effect by sending the processed sound copy back into the original signal. The farther it's turned, the more processed signal feeds back, and the more drastic the effect.


Now engage the LFO by turning the LFO Mod Amount knob to the right.


Adjust the rate of pitch modulation using the LFO Rate knob.


Use the Sync button to set the LFO rate in tempo increments.

With the CF-101 as a master effect, all the controls work the same. But as with any other effect, the initial setup is a little different.

To use the CF-101 as a master effect


With your Mixer selected, choose Create > CF-101 Chorus/Flanger, then check your back panel to make sure the CF-101 is connected to an open Aux channel on your Mixer (Figure 8.61).

Figure 8.61. We'll set the CF-101 as a master effect.


Check your front panel; if the Send Mode indicator is not lit, click the Send Mode button to activate it now (Figure 8.62).

Figure 8.62. Enable Send mode when using the CF-101 as a master effect.


Mix the dry signal using your Mixer channel, and the wet signal using your Mixer channel Aux Send knob (Figure 8.63).

Figure 8.63. For master effects, use the Aux Send for processed sound and the channel fader for dry sound.


When you have a good strong effects level, set your CF-101 knobs accordingly.

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