The authors would like to acknowledge and thank John Altinbay, Jim Heumann, and Dan Rawsthorne for their careful and insightful reviews of this second edition. We'd also to thank the many others who contributed to this work, including Al Davis, Ed Yourdon, Grady Booch, Philippe Kruchten, Leslee Probasco, Ian Spence, Jean Bell, Walker Royce, Joe Marasco, Elemer Magaziner, and the following reviewers of the first edition: Ag Marsonia, Frank Armour, Dr. Ralph R. Young, Professor David Rine, and Dan Rawsthorne.

We admit that without their insightful comments, we could not have written a worthy work. In addition, we'd like to thank Kim Arney Mulcahy and the editors and support staff at Addison-Wesley, who tuned our work in process and helped it become a tangible product, like the "rock" described in the Foreword. Lastly, we must again thank our loving families for supporting all the " heads-down weekends" necessary to complete this second edition.


Managing Software Requirements[c] A Use Case Approach
Managing Software Requirements[c] A Use Case Approach
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