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Validate button  
validate exceptions
       Customer Inquiry form  
validation error-handling
       Customer Inquiry form  
Value property
       stored procedures  
               comparing against databases for optimistic concurrency   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th   8th   9th   10th  
       of data
               original and current, code to compare   2nd   3rd   4th  
       of databases
               retrieving with ExecuteScalar( ) method, code   2nd   3rd  
       retrieving from databases   2nd   3rd   4th  
       stored procedure parameters   2nd  
VALUES keyword  
       DataReader object
               database fields, retrieving   2nd   3rd   4th  
       records, deleting from SQL databases   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       SQL databases, code to add records   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th  
       SQL databases, updating records   2nd   3rd   4th  
VB .NET code
       DataReader object instances, getting   2nd  
vb [edit, period before] file  
VB code
       typed DataSets class   2nd  
       code, test harness, creating   2nd   3rd  
       DataSet object contents, viewing   2nd   3rd  
VB.NET Web form
       code   2nd   3rd  
View Wizard Results dialog box  
       DataSet contents   2nd   3rd  
       DataSet object contents
               in C#   2nd   3rd   4th  
               in VB.NET   2nd   3rd  
       SQL Server execution plans  
       optimistic concurrency
virtual directories
       IP Address and Domain Name Restrictions dialog box  
Virtual Directory Creation Wizard   2nd  
Visual Basic
       Web services
               Northwind Database suppliers, returning   2nd  
Visual Basic .NET
       DataSet, serializing to XML files   2nd  
       Microsoft Access databases, connecting to   2nd  
       Microsoft SQL Servers
       Oracle databases, connecting to  
Visual Basic 6.0 components
Visual Basic 6.0 legacy
       Northwind database
               data access component   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th   8th  
Visual Basic code
       connection pooling   2nd   3rd   4th  
               executing at DOS prompt   2nd  
       connection strings
               defining   2nd  
visual representations
       data movements  
Visual Studio .NET Component Designer
       Customers.xsd file  
Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect
               automatically generated  
Visual Studio .NET Form
       Data Toolbox SqlDataAdapter object   2nd  
Visual Studio .NET projects
       Web references, adding  
Visual Studio .NET.   [See VS .NET]
       DataSet class, typed  
               applications, testing  
               controls, adding to display data   2nd  
               data adapters, adding   2nd   3rd   4th  
               data connections, adding   2nd   3rd   4th  
               generating   2nd   3rd  
               instances, adding to forms   2nd  
               populating, code   2nd  
               projects, creating   2nd  
               text boxes, binding   2nd  
       projects, creating   2nd  
       Windows Form Designer
               automatically generated commands   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  

for RuBoard

Sams Teach Yourself ADO. NET in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself ADO.NET in 24 Hours
ISBN: 0672323834
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 237

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