Other Techniques for Publicizing Your Site

Although getting your site to appear at the top of the list when a prospective visitor looks for related topics at Google is a laudable goal, there are several additional ways to let people know your page exists.

  • Add your URL to your signature so that it will be included in all outgoing email.

  • Answer questions or post information on a related newsgroup and make sure your URL is prominently included in your signature. (On the other hand, it's also considered good form to keep your signature relatively brief and humble.)

  • Create a blog and write frequent, substantive, interesting articles on the same or a similar topic as your Web site. Add a link to your Web site from your blog.

  • Join a Web ring. A Web ring is a group of related Web sites that have links that go from one site to the next. Web rings encourage visitors from one site to explore related ones. You can search for pertinent Web rings at Yahoo.

  • Even simpler than a Web ring is to exchange links with other sites that have similar content.

  • Make sure your Web site's URL appears on your stationery, business cards, pamphlets and other promotional material, and advertisements.

  • And of course, you can always pay someone to advertise your page for you.

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