The HTML VQS Web Site

With the Web constantly changing, it seemed most appropriate to add a dynamic element to this book: the HTML VQS 6th edition Web site (

On my site, you'll find the full source code for every one of the examples in this book, including the (X)HTML and the CSS (, a list of errata, updates, articles, reviews and comments, and even the full table of contents and index.

There are also several resources available on my site that I hope you'll enjoy, including color tables, symbol and character tables, hexadecimal tables, and complete lists of both (X)HTML elements and attributes and of CSS properties and values.

Next, as I was writing this book, I amassed a collection of lesser tips and tricks that simply didn't fit on the appropriate page. I've made them all available on the site.

Finally, you'll find a lively Question and Answer Forum ( where you can post your most vexing questionsand easy ones, too. While I hang out there and will do my best to answer, there is a dedicated team of Web designers who usually beat me to the punch. If you're so inclined, feel free to step in and answer questions yourself. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

See you on the Web!

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