Chapter 2: How To Use This Book


Great companies are inspirational places. Because we are not all fortunate enough to work in them, this book is designed to give insight into how they work and the benefits they provide.

You can read the book from front to back or choose the chapters most relevant to your present need. There are specific stories detailing what these companies do, some of which you will be able to try for yourself, plus additional ideas for action.

These companies build high levels of trust because they really care about their people and are consistent in their behaviour. Easy to say, I know - but if they can do it, so can you. Whether you are in the private sector, not-for-profit or public sector, you work with people. People in every work environment will respond to the behaviours and ideas in this book. So don't be put off trying, and don't worry if the idea comes from a different sector.

Do not be put off by your position in the organisation either. Received wisdom is that these changes must always begin at the top, so if the senior leaders are not with you, it will not work. There is a truth in this - it will certainly be a lot easier and quicker if the desire for a great company culture comes from the top down.

However, you can create change from a middle management position. Develop a centre of excellence in your own team. Begin in your sphere of influence and take every opportunity to spread the word. As your team thrives, people will be interested in what you are doing. They will want some of what you have - your sphere of influence will grow and you will be on your way to critical mass.

Wherever the initiative starts, it is not an easy job. There is no magic formula that will transform the workplace overnight. The magic lies in being consistent and actually doing the things others only talk about - over and over again.

Remember: a great company culture is a living entity, needing constant care and attention. At the time of writing, all the companies mentioned are great in the ways described. However, they also know that if they take their eye off the ball, they may fall over. It is a constant effort to keep the culture strong and productive.

You may have heard contrary things about the companies mentioned, but resist the temptation to judge. A company may be great for those who work there, but what suits one will not suit everyone. Be willing to look through the eyes of company colleagues and see what they see. It will be great practice for understanding your own colleagues - understanding what the world looks like for them will teach you a great deal.

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