In this chapter you learned a little of the history of the World Wide Web. You installed your own web server and configured the optional components to suit the home networking environment. You then began the process of creating and publishing your very own website. From here, you can edit your content to suit the needs of your application. With a little more exploration of the capabilities in FrontPage, you can create imaginative and interactive websites. Visitors to your site could learn anything you wanted to share with them.

At this point, you have taken a little fledgling network from the conceptual stages and built it into something that can provide productivity and entertainment. I hope you've had fun learning how to get your computers communicating with each other. Along the way, you have hopefully picked up a bit more knowledge about technology than you thought you might. The topics in this book are by no means exhaustive, and they're not meant to be. If your interests end up taking you deeper than this book goes, I encourage you to make use of the vast library the Internet puts at your disposal. You can use the available search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, to find worlds of information. You're bound to find someone else who has already solved the problem you're having or at least thought about it.

Create Your Own Home Networks
Create Your Own Home Networks
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