This chapter has dealt with the issues of data movement, organization, and placement in your database. Various DB2 Universal Database utilities that load data into database tables and unload data from tables have been reviewed: LOAD, UNLOAD, and DSNTIAUL. We looked at various options for the LOAD.

Having data in your tables is only the first step. The DB2 utilities that allow you to perform data maintenance on your environment were also reviewed. This included analysis of data in tables and indexes by executing REORG with specific conditions. This would physically change the organization of your table and index data by then using REORG if the conditions were met. We also looked at how to update the statistics of table and index data by using the RUNSTATS utility.

An important component of data maintenance is ensuring that your applications are aware of the updated statistics in your environment.

Many of the utilities, or particular circumstances, can put your data into a restrictive or advisory state. We looked at each of these and how to resolve them.

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