• Communication is the largest single factor determining what kinds of relationships we make with others and what happens to us in the world we live in.

  • We communicate by what we say, how we say it, and how we look. This is how we judge people when we don't have any other information to base our judgment on.

  • Effective communication is two-way. Effective communication is a combination of reactionary interpersonal skills. Speaking, listening, and learning are the basis for effective communication.

  • The important points with regards to communicating with your customers:

    1. Establish a relationship at the beginning of every transaction.

    2. Remind customers on a regular basis of the importance of their loyalty through thank you notes.

    3. Lead customers in your discussions.

    4. Communicate with customers on a regular and frequent basis.

  • The message you give to your internal and external customers and how you deliver that message is central to the process of creating loyalty.

Are you effectively communicating with your customers? Take this test and see.

Effective Communication Test

  1. Do you establish or reestablish the relationship you have with your customers before every transaction? How do you do this?

  2. Do you provide leadership when you are communicating with your customers? Give a few specific examples of how you provide this leadership.

  3. Do your customers understand that you recognize their importance? How do you demonstrate their importance?

  4. Do you regularly communicate with your customers? Give specific examples of how you regularly reinforce your value proposition and offer assurance to your customers.

  5. Are you distributing regular newsletters, flyers, or other types of written communication?

  6. Do your regular communications reinforce the principles of creating loyalty? Give specific examples of how each of the principles are utilized in your written communications.

  7. Are your communications with customers based around making a sale or building a relationship? Give specific examples of relationship-building communications.

  8. Have you armed your loyal customers with a simple message they can share with their family and friends regarding you and your business? What is this message?

  9. Do your customers have tangible written evidence of your recognition of their importance? What is this evidence?

  10. Communications are two-way. How do you listen to your customers? Do you listen before, during, and after each transaction? How do you use the information you have gained from listening to your customers? Give specific examples.

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