Appendix C: The Parallel Adaptive Quadrature Routine


Outlined below are the steps to run this mpC application (see Appendix D for the full mpC user’s guide):

  • Create a new virtual parallel machine, say, vpm,

    mpccreate vpm 
  • or open the existing virtual parallel machine vpm,

    mpcopen vpm 

    A newly created virtual parallel machine is opened immediately after successful completion of the mpccreate command.

  • Compile the mpC sorce code

    mpcc hmxm.mpc
  • Copy the file hmxm.c produced by the mpC compiler into the $MPCLOAD directory

    cp hmxm.c $MPCLOAD
  • Broadcast the file hmxm.c to other computers constituting the virtual parallel machine

    mpcbcast hmxm.c
  • Produce the executable on each participating computer

    mpcload -het -o hmxm hmxm.c 
  • Run the executable

    mpcrun hmxm
  • The output will be of the form

    Problem size=108, time(sec)=0.262353, time(min)=0.004373

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