Chapter 5. Organizational Units


    Recipe 5.1.  Creating an OU

    Recipe 5.2.  Enumerating the OUs in a Domain

    Recipe 5.3.  Enumerating the Objects in an OU

    Recipe 5.4.  Deleting the Objects in an OU

    Recipe 5.5.  Deleting an OU

    Recipe 5.6.  Moving the Objects in an OU to a Different OU

    Recipe 5.7.  Moving an OU

    Recipe 5.8.  Determining How Many Child Objects an OU Has

    Recipe 5.9.  Delegating Control of an OU

    Recipe 5.10.  Allowing OUs to Be Created Within Containers

    Recipe 5.11.  Linking a GPO to an OU

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