Who Should Read This Book

Windows XP Cookbook will be useful to anyone that has to use, deploy, administer, or automate Windows XP. But this isn't a typical end user book; we cover the spectrum of topics involved with running Windows XP in both small and large environments. As a result, IT professionals and system administrators will get the most out of the book and find it a great day-to-day reference. Also, power users will find Windows XP Cookbook a great source for information on tweaking XP and getting the most out of their systems.

If you like the format of this book but crave more recipes on Active Directory or Windows Server 2003, take a look at Active Directory Cookbook and Windows Server Cookbook, also from O'Reilly.

Windows XP Cookbook
Windows XP Cookbook (Cookbooks)
ISBN: 0596007256
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 408

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