More Games I Need More Games

More Games! I Need More Games!

In just a moment, I'm going to give you some pointers for locating even more games, but because I mentioned that you already have hundreds of games available with your Ubuntu system, I must give you some pointers on finding them. Here is the short form to using Synaptic to find games. Click Search, then type the word game in the search box. The results will have you smiling for a long time (see Figure 19-18). You're welcome!

Figure 19-18. Doing a Synaptic search for the word game returns an impressive list of games, ready for you to install with a couple of clicks.

What? You've tried all of those hundreds of games and you still need more? Lucky for you, there really are tons of games out there. Some are commercial packages, and others are free for the download (or compile). Still more are in various stages of development and playability. To satisfy your hunger for Linux games, you might take a little time browsing in one of my favorite sites for Linux games, the Linux Game Tome at Although not a download site, the Linux Game Tome organizes and reviews, and lets users rate games. It's organized and searchable, and it should be on your list when it comes to adding some new diversions to your system. If you find something that sounds interesting, come back and search for it in Synaptic.

Play on!

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
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