I Need More Help

I Need More Help!

Way back in the introduction to the book, I gave you a list of places you might look to for help, some online and others in the community. As it turns out, your desktop has a very handy and fairly impressive collection of help, right at your fingertips.

The KDE Help Center (command name khelpcenter) is usually fairly obvious in a default installation. Look down in your Kicker panel, and you will likely see an icon that looks very much like a life preserver. Another place to look for the KDE Help Center is in your K menu. On my notebook's K menu, the option is labeled "Help". On another system I have here (running Mandrake), it is found under More Applications in the Documentation submenu. When the Help Center opens, you'll see something similar to Figure 4-18.

Figure 4-18. The KDE Help Center.

The left-hand pane lists the various documentation categories from KDE user manuals to various modules, tutorials, and more. Most of the entries have a small plus sign to the left. Click this to expand the list of titles within each category. In the larger, right-hand pane (although you can resize these to suit you), you'll find the actual text. Reading anything here is very much like reading in a Web browser. Click on links to go to highlighted sections, or click the forward and back arrows to navigate the documents.

Konqueror and man Pages

Before we wrap up this chapter, I'll show you one last cool trick with Konqueror to assist you with online help. You may have noticed that the KDE Help Center does let you browse man pages. man pages (short for "manual") are the classic Linux command documentation.

To view a man page in Konqueror, enter the command name, preceded with the "#" symbol in the Konqueror Location field. For example, to look up the date command I showed you earlier, you would enter "#date". This will be translated to "man:/date". You could, of course, just enter that instead, as in Figure 4-19.

Figure 4-19. Using Konqueror to view man pages.

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