Appendix A

Section: Part VIII:  Appendixes

Appendix A. Security Bibliography Further Reading


        General Internet Security


This appendix is a book bibliography on Internet security. Many of these books were released in the last year. Some treat the subject generally, whereas others are more focused. I recommend all of them as further reading. Think of this book bibliography as the Internet security dream library.

You should look up these books on sites such as Amazon. In many cases, you will encounter customer comments, reviews, and other information. This information can help you decide which titles you actually need.


Section: Appendix A.  Security Bibliography Further Reading

General Internet Security

Access Control and Personal Identification Systems. Don M. Bowers. Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998. 0750697326.

Actually Useful Internet Security Techniques. Larry J. Hughes, Jr. New Riders. 1562055089.

Advanced Military Cryptography. William F. Friedman. Aegean Park Press, 1996. 0894120115.

Advances in Computer System Security. Rein Turn. Artech House, 1988. 089006315X.

AIX RS/6000 System and Administration Guide. James W. Deroest. McGraw-Hill, 1994. 0070364397.

Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C. Bruce Schneier. John Wiley & Sons, 1995. 0471117099.

Applied Java Cryptography. Merlin Hughes. Manning Publications, 1998. 1884777635.

AS/400 Security in a Client/Server Environment. Joseph S. Park. John Wiley & Sons, 1995. 0471116831.

AS/400 System Administration Guide Jesse Gamble, Bill Merrow. McGraw-Hill, 1994. 0070227985.

Audit Trail Administration, UNIX Svr 4.2. UNIX Systems Lab.Prentice Hall, 1993. 0130668877.

Bandits on the Information Superhighway (What You Need to Know). Daniel J. Barrett. O'Reilly & Associates, 1996. 1565921569.

Basic Methods of Cryptography. Jan C. A. Van Der Lubbe. Cambridge University Press, 1998. 0521555590.

Bots and Other Internet Beasties. Joseph Williams., 1996. 1575210169.

Break the Code: Cryptography for Beginners. Bud Johnson, Larry Daste. Dover Publications, 1997. 0486291464.

Building in Big Brother: The Cryptographic Policy Debate. Deborah Russell, G. T. Gangemi, Rebecca J. Duncan, Stephen T. Kent, Kim Lawson-Jenkins, Philip Zimmermann, et al. Springer-Verlag, 1995. 0387944419.

Building Internet Firewalls. D. Brent Chapman. Elizabeth D. Zwicky. O'Reilly & Associates, 1995. 1565921240.

Building Secure and Reliable Network Applications. Kenneth P. Birman. Prentice Hall, 1997. 0137195842.

Cisco Router Configuration and Troubleshooting. Mark Tripod. New Riders, 2000. 0735709998.

The Code Book, The Evolution of Secrecy from Mary, Queen of Scots to Quantum Cryptography. Simon Singh. Doubleday, 1999. 0385495315.

The Codebreakers: The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet. David Kahn. Scribner, 1996. 0684831309.

Codes and Cryptography. Dominic Welsh. Oxford University Press, 1988. 0198532873.

Codes Ciphers and Secret Writing. Martin Gardner. Dover Publications, 1984. 0486247619.

Commonsense Computer Security: Your Practical Guide to Information Protection. Martin R. Smith. McGraw-Hill, 1993. 0077078055.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Protecting Yourself on the Internet. Aaron Weiss. Que, 1995. 1567615937.

Computer Communications Security. Warwick Ford. Prentice Hall, 1994. 0137994532.

Computer Crime: A Crimefighter's Handbook. David J. Icove, Karl Icove, William Vonstorch. O'Reilly & Associates, 1995. 1565920864.

Computer Hacking: Detection and Protection. Imtiaz Malik. Sigma Press, 1996. 1850585385.

The Computer Privacy Handbook. Andr Bacard. Peachpit Press, 1995. 32295410.

Computer Security. John M. Carroll. Butterworth-Heinemann, 1996. 0750696001.

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Computer Virus Handbook. Richard Levin. Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1990. 0078816475.

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Computers Ethics & Social Values. Deborah G. Johnson, Helen Nissenbaum. Prentice Hall, 1995. 0131031104.

Computers Ethics and Society. M. David Ermann, Mary B. Williams and Michele S. Shauf. Oxford University Press, 1997. 019510756X.

Computers Under Attack: Intruders, Worms, and Viruses. Peter J. Denning. 0201530678.

Contemporary Cryptology: The Science of Information Integrity. Gustavus J. Simmons. IEEE, 1992. 0879422777.

Course in Cryptography. Marcel Givierge. Aegean Park Press, 1996. 089412028X.

Cyber Crime: How to Protect Yourself from Computer Criminals. Laura E. Quarantiello. Tiare Publications, 1996. 0936653744.

Cyberpunk Handbook. R. U. Sirius and Bart Nagel. Random House, 1995. 0679762302.

Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier. Katie Hafner and John Markoff. Simon & Schuster, 1991. 0671683225.

Cyberwars: Espionage on the Internet. Jean Guisnel and Winn Schwartau. Plenum Press, 1997. 0306456362.

Crypto: When the Code Rebels Beat the Government Saving Privacy in the Digital Age. Steven Levy. Viking Press, 2000. 0670859508.

Cryptography Decrypted. H. X. Mel, Doris Baker and Steve Burnett. Addison-Wesley, 2000. 0201616475

Cryptography & Privacy Sourcebook. David Banisar. BPI Information Services, 1997. 1579791077.

Cryptography and Secure Communications. Man Young Rhee. McGraw-Hill, 1994. 0071125027.

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Decrypted Secrets: Methods and Maxims of Cryptology. Friedrich L. Bauer. Springer Verlag, 1997. 3540604189.

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Digital Copyright Protection. Peter Wayner. AP Professional, 1997. 0127887717.

Disappearing Cryptography: Being and Nothingness on the Net. Peter Wayner. AP Professional, 1996. 0127386718.

Disaster Recovery Planning for Computers and Communication Resources. Jon William Toigo. John Wiley & Sons, 1996. 0471121754.

Distributed Programming Paradigms with Cryptography Applications. J. S. Greenfield. Springer Verlag, 1994. 354058496X.

E-Commerce Security: Weak Links, Best Defenses. Anup K. Ghosh. John Wiley & Sons, 1998. 0471192236.

E-Mail Security: How To Keep Your Electronic Messages Private. Bruce Schneier. John Wiley & Sons, 1995. 047105318X.

Elementary Military Cryptography. William F. Friedman. Aegean Park Press, 1996. 0894120999.

Encyclopedia of Cryptology. David E. Newton. ABC-Clio Publications, 1997. 0874367727.

Enigma: How the German Cipher Was Broken, and How It Was Read by the Allies in WWII. Wladyslaw Kozaczuk. University Publications of America, 1984. 0313270074.

Essential SCO System Administration. Keith Vann. Prentice Hall, 1995. 013290859X.

Essential Windows NT System Administration. Aeleen Frisch. O'Reilly & Associates, 1998. 1565922743.

Executive Guide to Preventing Information Technology Disasters. Richard Ennals. Springer Verlag, 1996. 3540199284.

Fire in the Computer Room, What Now?: Disaster Recovery Preparing for Business Survival. Gregor Neaga, Bruce Winters and Pat Laufman Prentice Hall, 1997. 0137543913.

Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker. William R. Cheswick and Steven M. Bellovin. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1994. 0201633574.

Firewalls Complete. Marcus Goncalves. McGraw-Hill, 1998. 0070246459.

Fundamentals of Computer Security Technology. Edward Amoroso. Prentice Hall, 1994. 0131089293.

Hack Proofing Your Network: Internet Tradecraft. Syngress Media and Ryan Russell. Syngress Media, 2000. 1928994156.

Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets and Solutions. Joel Scambray, Stuart McClure and George Kurtz. McGraw-Hill, 2000. 0072127481.

Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security. Donald L. Pipkin. Prentice Hall, 1997. 013243718.

Handbook of Applied Cryptography. Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. Van Oorschot. and Scott A. Vanstone CRC Press, 1996. 0849385237.

HP-Ux 11.X System Administration. Martin Poniatowski and Marty Poniatowski. Prentice Hall, 1998. 01310125156.

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An Interactive Guide to the Internet. J. Michael Blocher, Vito Amato and Jon Storslee. Que Education and Training, 1996. 1575763540.

Internet 1997 Unleashed. Jill Ellsworth, Billy Barron, et al., 1996. 1575211858.

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Section: Appendix A.  Security Bibliography Further Reading


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Section: Appendix A.  Security Bibliography Further Reading

On Netware

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