22.8. Conclusion

You have now reached the end of this sizable volume. Contrary to my expectations, readers have told me that they did in fact read the first edition cover to cover; some have also told me that they learned Ruby from this book (though I spent very little time teaching the basics).

It doesn't matter to me whether you have read this whole book sequentially or have just stumbled across this paragraph. In any case, you've reached the end, and I congratulate you.

But we don't really learn programming from books. We learn it by applying what we learn in those books. So I urge you to do what programmers do: Go and program. That's the real learning experience. And when you can't learn from experience or from books, turn to the rest of the community. You will find people there who can help you (and people you can help).

Who is a member of the "Ruby community"? Well, if you are reading this, you probably are a member yourself. On behalf of the others, I welcome you and encourage your participation.

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