Deleting Accounts

Like adding and editing accounts, you can remove accounts from Quicken using the Account List window. However, before you delete an account from Quicken, be sure you don't need the accounteven if it's closedfor reporting, historical tracking, or forecasting. It is recommended that you hide an account instead. Deleting an account is permanent. The only way to restore it is if you have a backup of your Quicken file that you made before you deleted the account.

See Also

See "Selecting Accounts to Include in Your Net Worth" on page 64 for information on hiding accounts in Quicken.

Delete Accounts

Open the Account List window by clicking My Accounts on the toolbar. You can also click the Tools menu and select Account List.

Select the account you want to remove.

Click Delete. A message appears, asking if you want to delete the account.

TIMESAVER You can delete an account by clicking the Delete button in the Account Details window or by using the Delete menu option in the Account List window.

If you are sure that you want to delete the account, type Yes or click Cancel to keep the account.

If you choose to delete the account, click OK. A message appears, telling you that the account has been deleted.

Click OK.

IMPORTANT You cannot delete accounts that have active transactions. If there are transactions that are waiting to be entered into the account register, you must delete the transactions before you can remove the account.

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