Setting Up Your Internet Connection

To use the online features in Quicken, such as downloading account information into Quicken or getting the latest stock quotes using One Step Update, you must have an Internet connection. If you do plan on using the online features, you can tell Quicken how you would like it to connect to the Internet.

Set Up an Internet Connection in Quicken

Click Edit, Preferences, Internet Connection Setup.

If you already have an Internet connection set up on your computer, select Use My Computer's Internet Connection Settings to Establish a Connection When This Application Accesses the Internet.

Click Next.

Review your connection information and click Done.

Did You Know?

You must register your copy of Quicken and have Internet service. Before you can use Quicken's online features, you must register your copy of the software and have Internet service set up on your computer. In addition, your creditor or bank must offer online services in order to set up and use online accounts.

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Quicken 2007 On Demand
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